Program a Bee-Bot

Challenge Level: Beginner

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:


Program your Bee-Bot (remix the program provided at by giving instructions to the cat so the cat catches the mouse.

Pressing the four commands stores them in a list called "source code", and pressing the GO button will activate a script that goes through the list of commands and moves the cat according to each command.

The HOME button returns the cat to the starting position; the UNDO button removes the last command from the list; the PAUSE button pauses the cat for 5 seconds and the CLEAR button empties the list.

Testing examples:

You will need to test your program by typing in your own commands to the simulated Bee-Bot to see if it behaves as intended.

To use the program, when the green flag is clicked, give instructions to the cat to catch the mouse by pressing the arrows for the Bee-Bot. Press the “Go” button when you are ready.



What it should look like

There is no expected output for this program as the mouse location varies.

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