Rotation of a pentagon

Challenge Level: Growing experience

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:


Write a program that draws a pentagon, starting from point x:0, y:0, with its sides equal to 100 steps. Your program must then draw pentagons that are each rotated 15 degrees from the previous one (forever), changing its colour every time it draws a new pentagon.

Testing examples:

There are no testing examples for this challenge.



What it should look like

Click on the green flag to see the expected output of your program.

Recommended blocks
when green flag clicked

pen down

pen up

change pen color by (10)
go to x: (0) y: (0)

move (100) steps

turn cw (72) degrees

turn cw (15) degrees
wait (1) secs

repeat (5)

  • You may change the pen’s colour by a specified amount by using the change pen color by (10) block under the “pen” script.
  • You can speed up the drawing by selecting the turbo speed under the edit menu.

Show Scratch solution

Extra Challenge

Extra challenge #1: Edit your program so the pentagon rotates over and over (use a FOREVER block under the “control” script) for any given degrees entered by the user as the input.