Draw irregular polygons (draw a rhombus)

Challenge Level: Growing experience

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:


Write a program that asks the user to enter one angle of a rhombus and draws a rhombus with the given angle and each side equal to 100 steps.

Testing examples:

Your program should display the outputs shown in this table for the given inputs provided;

Input Output
45 A rhombus.

90 A rhombus square



What it should look like

Click on the green flag to see the expected output of your program.

Recommended blocks
when green flag clicked
set [angle v] to (answer)

ask [Enter one angle of a rhombus:] and wait

repeat (2)

pen down

pen up

set pen size to (3)
move (100) steps

turn ccw (angle) degrees

move (100) steps

turn ccw ((180) - (angle)) degrees
  • A rhombus has 4 equal straight sides.
  • Opposite sides of a rhombus are parallel and opposite angles are equal.
  • Adjacent angles in a rhombus add up to 180 degrees.
  • A rhombus with 90 degree angles is a square.

Show Scratch solution

Extra Challenge

Extra challenge #1: Write programs to draw following images. To choose the xy-grid background, click on Stage and choose “backdrop from library”. Select xy-grid backdrop and press “ok”.

A 2D house.
A 2D boat.